California Crime Scene Cleanup Companies

Crime scene cleanup companies often have a crony relationship with one or more city and county employees. These government employees often work for the county coroner, public guardian, and law enforcement. Although they number a tiny percentage of civil servants, their actions lead victims' families to corrupt cleaning companies. Such families now suffer victimization a second time, but victimized by their own tax paid employees. It's this way throughout California and most other states. I know. I'm Eddie Evans.
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Crime Scene Cleanup Help

Crime Scene Cleanup Companies


Crime scene cleanup are also known as biohazard cleanup companies. My biohazard cleanup services reach all of California. Did you know that crime scene cleanup companies specialize homicide, suicide, and unattended deaqth (decomposition) cleanup? This entails blood cleanup as well as removal of other infectious materials (OPIM). A violent homicide or suicide may leave a wide debris field. Homicide cleanup cannot begin until law enforcement completes their tasks. Most often a home or building's access ends until the scene's investigations end.

Once forensics and homicide detectives agree to seal-off the homicide scene, no one may enter until the coroner or medical examiner give their permission. At times a county administrator employee, a public guardian, may perform this task.

Homicides become very formal and tightly managed affairs. Each homicide creates its own, small bureaucracy for managing it through our court systems.

Everyone understands that it's important for family members to gain access to the death scene. Papers, property, and other materials must help a family recover from their catastrophic life changes. biohazard cleanup companies know beforehand what they will find. Occasionally a surprise may occur. But once the type of building is known, a good idea of what's coming begins to form.

A homicide may slowly turn into a decomposition cleanup if not given attention in a given amount of time; usually about 72 turns a homicide into a decomposition cleanup with all of its ramifications. Flies, maggots, other insects, and even animal life come into play. Of course, it depends upon the circumstances, the total environment.

Total Environment

For biohazard cleanup purposes, when we speak of a total environment, we mean an internal and external environment. After about 74 hours, a human decomposition cleanup involves wet, dry, or moist blood and OPIM, other potentially infectious materials. Special and ordinary tools and equipment, chemicals too, may help with this type of work.

Human decomposition begins within minutes of death. Brain cells die quickly. Internally and externally, each cell undergoes chemical degeneration. Internally, acids buildup because respiration's cleaning process ends. Blood flow stops and so too does removal of cellular biowaste. Species of bacteria once held at bay by white blood cells do migrate and begin feeding on dead cells. As they do their numbers increase geometrically.

Externally, bacteria once held at bay by epidermal, viable skin, now invade through cracked and decaying skin. While this invasion goes on, internal bacteria feed their way toward the body's external environment. Bodies begin to bloat. Fecal matter may exit through orifices.


Other internal-external environmental conditions take part in decomposition. Weather conditions play a great part in this natural process. In our southern states during the summer months, decomposition occures quickly. In our northern states during the winter months, decomposition may occur slowly if at all. It depends on the temperature near the body's resting place. This becomes evident in outdoor environments.

Indoors, an air condition system left on low reduces the rate of decomposition. Leaving lights on helps to reduce microorganism growth external to the body. A body's decomposition undergoes very rapid decomposition indoors when while exposed to high temperatures. Finally, a decedent's diet and health condition at time of death become variable in the rate of decomposition.

As such, decomposition begins almost immediately after death and continues until organic material no longer exists. When this occures depends on many of those factors mentioned above.

Family Cleaning

Although coroner and medical examiner employees do body moving, they do not do biological cleanup. At least, they have no right to do biohazard cleanup because of their conflict of interest situation. As a consequence families and business remain in a tenuous situation.

Families might want to do their own biohazard cleaning. As of this date, to this writers knowledge, there's absolutely no reason why a family cannot do their own cleaning. In many cases funds for this type of discretionary spending do not exist. In which case, I recommend a visit to do it yourself blood cleanup. Just one of many blood cleanup resources, this web site will help get family cleaning underway.

Working slowly, patiently, and with a plan helps. Stopping after a short while to consider progress helps. This becomes a time recognize how work might progress more quickly and safely. It's best to have your plan worked out so steps do not need repeating.

For example, numerous thick, black bags should be opened before work begins. Perhaps Zinnsseer paint sealer may help reduce the scenes odors as work proceeds. What about fans? What about open windows? What about bedding, pillows? What about tools to cut through fabric and wires. Then there's the problem of screws and nuts-and-bolts to unfasten.

A plan may help those families willing to think through what they must undertake.


Above we find information about blood cleanup and decomposition cleanup. So there's not much more to add for suicide cleanup. I have a Lakewood massage office for those families who might benefit from massage. Massage helps us to relax and can help lessen anxiety.


Unattended Death



If you have spent any time searching for a California city crime scene cleanup company, you may find what you need here. Many people in Orange County recognize my biohazard cleanup company because of my Internet and grassroots efforts to inform others. I try to inform other about Orange County Consumer Fraud. I use this same and similar information for California's other counties.

If you do not believe me then how might we explain the fact that I receive fewer than 1 telephone call per year leading to crime scene cleanup in Orange County. This includes no calls for suicide cleanup. Likewise with decomposition cleanup. Decomposition begins moments after the crime scene victim stops breathing. Within several days the surrounding area's furnishings become contaminated by death and blood's odors. The floor may require scrubbing and sealing. At the worst of time, the soiled part of a floor may require removal.'

Some crime scene cleanup companies rely more on demolition than cleaning. A job I completed several days ago required simple cleaning, which means decontamination, scrub-and-rinse, more cleaning, and finally sealing. On this particular job I cleaned then entire dwelling's floor because I completed my work so quickly. One of my competitors had bid four times more than I did. They had also claimed that a piece of the wall needed to come out. It's a matter of how a crime scene cleanup company perceives an unattended death that makes a difference for cleaning and costs.


About this writer --


My name is Eddie Evans and I am a 65 year old crime scene cleanup. I own my own business, which is known as crime scene cleanup in Orange County, California. I also own Biosafe. I have cleaned after death for over 7 years, but only about 20 times in Orange County because of coroner's corruption. My trauma cleanup experience includes military trauma cleanup (Vietnam).

I've cleaned after hundreds of deaths, including homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition. My largest crime scene cleanup job took almost a week because 4 victims decomposed for 2 months .Because I work alone my clients save a lot of money. I make a decent profit most of the time. I have returned to one biohazard cleanup job because I missed something in an area no one would have considered. I drove to New Mexico to make it right. I have a business guarantee that means I will return anytime a client does not feel comfortable with the work completed.

I have multiple college degrees and credentials for teaching at the high school level and adult education. After 10 years in education I came to this field of crime scene cleanup. I became sick over the idea that our coroner's employees cheat our Orange County taxpayers.Last, my wife of 41 years and I live in Cypress and have done so for over 30 years.

I once worked for the Orange County Marshal and Orange County Probation Department. With these years of experience working hard and honestly for Orange County's citizens, you cannot imagine the disgust I feel for those corrupt Orange County employees cheating the public. I spent 23 years in the regular army and national guard.


Crime Scene Cleanup Fraud

My experience tells me that most crime scene cleanup fraud takes place in county offices, specifically in the coroner's department. This occurs as coroners' investigators and others come face-to-face with families. These families must appear at the coroner's department to recover property taken by coroner's employees or police officers at the scene of a homicide, suicide, or unattended death.

Most recently, and today is October 24, 2011, a terrible event occurred only seven miles from my home. A homicide cleanup for nine hand-gun victims in a Seal Beach, California hair Salome required professional biohazard cleanup services. Since I dominate Orange County's Internet for Seal Beach crime scene cleanup, as well as Orange County crime scene cleanup, I should have at least received a request for a bid to clean. I heard nothing.

As a matter of fact, rarely do I have an opportunity to bid on any type of death cleanup in Orange County. Orange County fraud against grieving families goes on year-after-year-after-year. No county officials have shown the least interest in stopping this crime against victims' families.


Fighting Corruption in the Orange County Coroner's Office Some of my other web sites include crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup, and unattended death cleanup. In Orange County I own Orange County crime scene cleanup because crime scene cleanup became a high power key word following the entertainment industry's use of the phrase crime scene investigation.

In fact, every day I receive telephone calls because of my high profile related to crime scene cleanup. Many callers want a job, or they think I have a school, or they think I do crime scene investigation. I used to receive many calls from other crime scene cleanup companies. Today, fewer crime scene cleanup companies exist, I believe. Now Orange County Biohazard Cleanup exists because biohazard cleanup means the destruction or removal of biohazards from homes and businesses. Like crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup has a fairly high key word power when it comes to the Orange County Internet.The more common death cleanup key word subject would seem more common than crime scene cleanup, but not so.

For example, Orange County Death Cleanup does as poorly as any other web site I have on Orange County's Internet pages. How could such a remarkable event occur; thousands of web pages in Orange County for death cleanup and no one calls? Do I place the wrong telephone number on my pages? Do people in Orange County know how to use the Internet to find help for death cleanup? According to the Orange County deputy coroner, no one in her office gives out telephone numbers to my competitors.


So, I guess we do live in the Twilight Zone.And then there's Orange County suicide cleanup, which happens to be THE key word in Orange County and other Southern California Companies for crime scene cleanup searches. Since Wall Street took its tax payer rescued dive suicide increased quite a bit across the country. OH, how do I know? I receive suicide cleanup calls from other states, but not my home county, Orange County. Can you imagine what I must think of the low life forms in our Orange County coroner's office?

Imagine that these people are American citizens and they probably have or had mothers. How would you like to raise a child that steals from the dead? That's what they are doing, stealing from the dead reasonable person should thank that I generate all sorts of leads to help clean after death in Orange County, but it's not so. Currently I'm working hard to destroy this local government fraud in the coroner's office.

It exists also in the Orange County Administrator's Office too, but I have only so much time.The consequences for Orange Counties residence in need of professional crime scene cleanup help includes loss of thousands of dollars, and probably poor service. Ask yourself if you were me and had hundreds of high ranking web sites for the various death cleanup needs in Orange County. Would you too have more than a reasonable suspicion that the coroner's employees cross the line in terms of conflict of interest?

I have become so concerned over this matter that I'm dedicating the rest of my life to this fight. I would like to prevail soon so that I can rest, but I will not rest until I prevail. Which is to say I may go to my grave fighting corruption in the Orange County coroner's office.


What I could do but for corruption in the Orange County Coroner's Office

My interests in homicide, suicide, and unattended death goes well beyond crime scene cleanup. Since my first college years sociological findings related to crime scenes, marriage, divorce, child abuse, and other social problems remains high. Given time I could write worthwhile research findings for people to learn about their situation.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Violent homicides against women are proven to increase in those Companies with higher access to alcohol. Wow! "A no brainier" alert readers must think, but thinking something so and proving it so are two different matters.

Along with greater access to alcohol goes routine activities, lack of social bonds, and poverty. Increasing the incidence of homicide in poverty areas we also find greater access to alcohol beverage outlets.

In those states with death penalties and , higher alcohol consumption, the threat of a death penalty has less influence than in states with less alcohol consumption. Put another way, where people drink less, the threat of a death penalty lessens the likelihood for homicide.

Since I broached the trauma subject, my trauma cleanup web site will soon cover traumatic injuries and death in domestic violence.


Domestic violence accounts for roughly fifty percent of homicides. Usually, perpetrators are male. When females perpetrate homicides, it's in defense of their children if not themselves. Males removed from a family setting by a court may become dangerous. Time's passage does not always heal deep wounds. A male may return after years to perpetrate assault and battery, if not homicide.


Eddie Evans

Crime Scene Cleanup



• Know your cleaning company:

A crime scene cleanup company must offer to remove all materials soiled by blood. These materials must reach a safe place for storage and transport to a biowaste dist ruction point. Otherwise, theses wastes must be so treated as to no longer constitute a biohazard to the public.

• Crime Scene Cleaners:

Crime scene cleaners do some of the most difficult cleaning imaginable. Anytime a crime scene cleaner takes their gloves off, they've either finished their work or come to a safe distance from blood contaminated materials. Most often crime scene cleaners must work while wearing gloves. They work in extreme heights, under buildings, inside crawl spaces, on cranes, in boats and more. Usually


crime scene cleaners work in homes or businesses. Oftentimes, a crime scene cleanup company sends out recently trained crime scene cleaners. Younger cleaners remain in a state of shock-and-awe for a while. Never before had they considered the depth of horrific death scenes that they encounter. Their families, their peers, their long-time associates reconsider their relationships. Is there "something wrong with you" they might hear from time to time. No wonder when we see the horrific nature of a mass murder undergoing mature decomposition we hear misgivings.


For older crime scene cleaners life goes a little more smoothly. They know the ropes, they know what to expect, and few surprises catch them off guard. Sure, they've seen more than enough. Their conception of human beings took a dive long ago. They also have stories. These stories remain hidden from their families, peers, and long-time associates. They've learned that it's better to let others think what they like


For older cleaners, life sets in and their self-esteem levels out. Something like the below gives them a steady continuance in the face of the horrific and others' rude questioning:


  1. It seems that I do not want what you want; try not to tell me that my want is wrong.

  2. It seems that I believe other than you; wait before correcting me.

  3. It seems that if I act or fail to act as you would, let me be.

  4. Neither do I ask you to understand me nor will I change to suit your willingness to give up changing me into a carbon copy of you.

Older crime scene cleaners use logic, reasoning similar to 1. through 4. above. Again, they've settled into their lives and have no apologies or feel explanations need sharing. In short, they hear different drums and march to different drummers.


We’ve all seen the evening news following a mass murder. Crime scene cleaners comes into the spotlight about the time they arrive. They seem to receive as much attention as the homicide and victims. When the done their personal protective equipment (PPE) cameras focus in. It takes a few short moments before these crime scene cleanup company employees begin to look like astronauts, “moon men.”

Observers often take these scenes for granted. Our complacency began after our federal government invoked the bloodborne pathogen training and safety laws. Our Occupational and Safety Health Administration’s bloodborne pathogen rules became the standard. Employers now answer to OSHA when and if their employees come into contact with blood in the workplace.

Even more, now if there’s a possibility of blood contamination, employees must have protection. This type of insurance for labor found its anchor in the medical industry; specifically, needle-stick became a horrific problem for nurses, nurses assistants, doctors, and even laundry workers. To date, about 200 medical worker die each year from needle-stick and related injuries.

This may not explain the “moon suits,” “tyvek's” some call them, but it casts some light on how it began. It began with OSHA’s rigid rules to protect labor.

There’s more here, though. In California, the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that workers will have protection. Although vague, interpreting the law works as anywhere else, conservatively or liberally. So, moon-suits for the liberally minded and gloves and masks for the more conservative minded. Still there more to explain those opening camera shots of crime scene cleaners entering a mass homicide or even a single suicide. In one work, marketing.


Marketing crime scene cleanup services requires a bit of salt-and-pepper to give it pizzazz for observers, including insurance adjusters. Who would watch, who would go wide-eyed, and who would feel the thrill of watching strangers risk their lives in a “biohazardous environment?” Probably not many would waste their time if they understood the nature of bloodborne pathogens and blood soiled environments.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens reside inside blood. As such they also reside within human tissue. Human blood and human tissue released by traumatic injury sprays and leaks blood and tissue onto floor, walls, beds, and furniture in general. Now here’s the news, because bloodborne pathogens reside in blood, in almost all cases they must remain in blood or succumb to a catastrophic environmental change. Bloodborne pathogens, then, live just like we do, in an environment. Remove them from their environment, and zap! No more pathogens.


Now there are those who say hepatitis C will exist under certain conditions for up to 16 days. I’m not sure what conditions these could entail. I do know that when working with blood, I do all that I can do to cause bloodborne pathogens and any other cooties to suffer a catastrophic environmental change. I disinfect. In fact, I first disinfect with a state-of-the-art, electric powered fogger. Sometimes I add bleach to this solution with some soap and water. Bam, there goes those germs.

But that’s not enough for me. I cover blood with paper towels and let the mess below dwell. After a while I return and scrub with another solution of catastrophic environment changing air, light, water, and chemicals like bleach. What I haven’t said I saved till now, I’m at least 3 feet away from this bloody mess while all this takes place.

Actually, the above statement fails for its veracity. When working with mattresses, couches, and other objects covered with fabrics, I need to work more closely, but not when fogging peroxide.

So what does all of this mean for wearing moon suits? It means that I wear moon suits about as often as I go to the moon. Really, and I now if and when I need to deck-out in a full-fledged top-to-bottom mopp suit, a mission oriented protective posture routine, a military version of this moon-suit idea.

As a long-time military type guy, I recall going all the way to Mopp 4, but for as short a time as possible. You see, when totally decked out from toe to forehead, the body sweats out its fluid. With about 8 gallons of water, it does’t take long to get down to the last few gallons. Then we die. So I’m thinking that not many people can weal a trusty old’ moon-suit for long in hot conditions. I know I can’t and won’t.

Here’s the point I’m working toward, if it’s so dangerous that I must cover my entire body, then I need to alter the environment pronto. I’m not going to work in a blood soiled environment where I really can get hurt. I’m going to use my brain and change that environment. Like, I wash my hands throughout the day to ensure a hostile environment exists for microorganisms on my hands’ epidermis. Same-same with blood rooms.

Now if I were to clean after anthrax, you can bet I would be at at least Mopp level 4. But since I don’t expect to do that level of biohazard cleanup, not even mold spores, I’ll keep my PPE to a more comfortable, labor friendly design.

California - Los Angeles - Orange County

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